Settlement activity


Settlement activity is based on cooperation and interaction between individuals. Through genuine encounters, understanding of people’s different life situations expands and the desire to build a society in which everyone can fully participate grows.  


Activities engaged in by the The Finnish Federation of Settlement Houses are developped via seven sectors: Child and youth work; Civic participation; difficult life situations and crisis work; Educational and cultural work; Housing services; Multicultural work; Seniors and the elderly. You can read more about our work in these sectors by using the list on the left side of this page.


Join in

Every settlement offers volunteers both short-term and long-term opportunities. Your contribution is certainly needed! People who can provide support, volunteers for different counselling services and working groups for organising clubs and events are all in demand. Contact information for each settlement can be found on each settlement website. Why not explore how you can volunteer where you are living? Innovative ideas and suggestions for new operational models are always welcome!