The New Locality project develops and implements tools for citizens to influence their local community which include them in decision-making and give them a sense of community. Working together with the locals, municipalities and different organisations, the project is currently operating in five local communities.


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New Locality project has ended 31.12.2015. Please send your questions concerning the project to Setlementtiliitto:

What is the New Locality project?

New Locality is a civic activity development project coordinated by the Finnish Federation of Settlement Houses. Funded by Finland's Slot Machine Association (RAY), the project will be carried out in 2011–2015.


The project's goal is to in an area-based way develop and implement tools with the locals that they can use to participate in decision-making and influence their local environment. The project will improve interaction within local communities, increase the possibilities for self-motivated activity and strengthen deliberative democracy. The project has, for instance, set up citizens' juries in each of its operating locations, which have brought into public discussion themes that are important to the local communities. The juries have also inspired locals to organise activities with the project's support that aim at improving their local community. The project works together with the municipality and local organisations, and it is based on the citizens' needs, locality, inclusion and cooperation.


During the five years, the project will ingrain new locality in three locations. The project is carried out in cooperation with the locals, NGOs, municipalities, parishes and businesses.


The project aims at developing methods which may be applied to all local communities in Finland and to settlement work in particular.